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Before submitting an application below, please review all vendor terms and FAQs.


After submitting your application, you must then purchase your booth  (Step 2).


Please note: submitting an application and purchasing a booth does not guarantee acceptance as a vendor. Once accepted, there are no refunds.

Vendor Application Form

Essential Things to Note:

1. Pricing and floor plans for each event can be viewed in advance here: Vendor Booths

2. Complete this form on a desktop computer, not a mobile device

3. Only 1 vendor per booth and 2 people maximum at a booth. There are NO SHARED booths.

4. All readers, mediums, tarot, etc., are required to provide a 15-minute sample reading, to ensure a quality, authentic experience. After you submit your application and purchase your booth, email within 7 days.

5. Our events are 'juried', meaning applications are assessed individually by our team. Given the high volume of applicants and limited spots, you may be waitlisted because we are full in a category (like skincare), but this doesn't rule out future acceptance. We cap the number of vendors in each category and we cap the number of MLM's. If you are a MLM, email before applying.

6. Vendors at our events are expected to be supportive of other vendors, engaged with customers, and maintain a positive attitude. If this doesn't align with your approach, our event is not for you. We also prohibit recruiting and any "hard selling" sales tactics.

7. VENDORS MUST BE ON TIME THE DAY OF THE EVENT, NO EXCEPTIONS: If you are not at the event by 9:30am your booth will be forfeited and no refunds will be given. It does not matter how small your set up is. Arriving late can also prevent you from exhibiting at future events.

8.Set up is always the morning of the event - starting at 8am. If you need more time, email Debra.

Event Selection

Select All 2024 Events You Wish to Exhibit At, Even if You Aren't Going to Purchase a Booth Immediately. This information is listed in our 2024 Vendor Dirctory and helps us gauge vendor interest. Dates/locations subject to change.

Vendor Type

Please note we do not accept home improvement companies (such as windows, roofers, gutters, etc.), hobby crafts, hair/skin/body care products or cosmetics that are not touted as all natural or organic, or any other business type that does not fall into one of the categories found here. Vendors must be holistic, integrative, natural, organic, sustainable, or otherwise primarily focused on health, wellness, or spiritual development. We also prioritize local, small, and/or artisan businesses over Multi-level Marketing companies. 

Are you an Affiliate or member of a MultiLevel Marketing (MLM) company?
Are you a reader? (Medium, tarot, intuitive, etc...)
Will you be doing readings at your booth?

Vendor Information - Private

Company Information - Public

*The information below is used in our advertising, vendor directory and social media posts. Please take the time to showcase your best. If you do NOT have a website, add a FB or Instagram page URL to this field.

Upload File
Upload File

Speaker Request


*ROCKFORD - No Speaker Room Available*

**HOLLAND will be up on the stage in the Great Hall partitioned w/ Pipe & Drape**

Giving a presentation is optional - you are not required nor guaranteed a speaking slot. There are only 6 time slots per event.


Presentations are 50 minutes (to include 40 minutes of lecture and 10 minutes of Q&A time). As the event organizers, we carefully curate each event's variety of presentations to ensure a quality, well-rounded experience for the attendees. Note If you are a Speaker at one event, it does not guarantee acceptance at future events. 

Company Information - Private

Each state requires event promoters to submit vendor registration information for every event hosted in the state. The information below is required, will be held privately, and provided ONLY to the State as required by the law.


Even if you are a vendor from out of state, you are still required to submit your state's sales tax account number, EIN or social security number. Failure to provide this information can result in state fines and a rejection of vendor registration. 


Should you have any questions, feel free to learn more here:

ONLY IF YOU ARE AN EXEMPT VENDOR, Select from the options below indicating WHY you are exempt.

Vendor Acknowledgments

By signing below, paying for my booth, and submitting this registration form, I agree to all of the terms and conditions, rules and statements set forth herein. 


Please be patient and don't click anything after you click the button below! You will then be automatically forwarded to the booth purchase page. Locate the event you wish to exhibit at, then select your booth, and complete your purchase. 

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