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How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection

To be spiritually connected is to embody a sense of oneness with the Universal Spirit, also referred to as collective consciousness, God, the Creator and others. It is also to have cultivated a strong awareness of self and developed daily practices to keep those connections solid.

person writing in journal with crystals purchased from Holistic Health Fair

Nowadays, many of us are constantly plugged into to the digital world. Whether it’s the ding of a text message or the incessant alerts from our social media accounts, it can be hard to disengage from all this technology exposure. And while not inherently a bad thing, it can lead to a disconnection from spirit. Overtime, this separation can develop into a feeling of emptiness, sadness, fatigue or even depression.

To combat this, we can choose to focus inward and develop our awareness of self - mind, body and spirit. There are many practices we can incorporate into our daily lives and service providers willing to teach us.

Our Holistic Health Fairs are a great way to connect with wellness service providers. From life coaches and nutritionists, to astrologists and meditation teachers, our fairs create the perfect environment for learning new techniques and linking with people who can help you on your journey to strengthen your spiritual connection.

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Here are just a few of the most popular ways to strengthen your spiritual connection in the comfort of your own home, starting right now!

Start a Meditation Practice

Meditation is gaining popularity for its long list of healing benefits. It gives you the tools you need to shut out all the noise and negative thoughts while promoting mental clarity. There are several methods of meditation from mindfulness to spiritual to transcendental.

Mindfulness meditation tends to be the most popular because of the focus on deep breathing and mental quietness. All forms help you to calm racing thoughts, relieve stress and strengthen your connection with spirit.

Visit one of our Holistic Health Fairs to discuss with a meditation teacher which meditation style may fit your lifestyle best.

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Begin a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal encourages the practice of writing down specific things you are grateful for. The general consensus is to make a list of three to five things daily that bring you joy or happiness. Be as specific as you can when crafting your journal entries. The beauty of this practice is that you can look back and reflect on all the things you have in this life.

Be intentional with your writing and focus on developing this into a daily practice. Pick a certain time of day and a certain spot in your house. Keep your journal and pen close by and start reaping the benefits of counting your blessings. This is a great way to strengthen your connection with spirit by tapping into that emotional, spiritual space.

woman journaling her thoughts before attending holistic health fair

Read Words of Inspiration

You hear a lot of people talking about the benefits of their morning quiet time. While the particular routines and practices will vary from person to person, the most important thing is that you take some time each morning before the craziness of the day begins to quiet your mind and center your energy.

Many enjoy a few minutes of inspirational wording. Regardless of what you choose, grab something that resonates with you and helps you feel connected to spirit. This could be scripture, inspirational stories, ancestral practices, devotionals, inspiring podcasts and even self-help books. The point is to not only take in words that feed your soul, but to carve out the me-time required to rest your nerves and connect with yourself.

Work with a Life Coach

Sometimes the only thing standing in our way is our own selves. This is where a life coach comes into the picture. As a trained professional, a life coach can guide you to a deeper awareness of self. They can help you identify what things in life are holding you back from achieving your goals, as well as what's keeping you from living your best life!

Whether it's a daily check-in text or a weekly hour-long session, how you use a life coach is a completely customizable experience. If you're in the market for a life coach, or want to learn about about their services, plan a trip to one of our Holistic Health Fairs near you, where you are sure to find a life coach willing to help.

life coach talking to client through camera on table

While these are just a few of the ways we like to connect with spirit (and disconnect from technology), there are so many other options. Sometimes, just holding a crystal, pulling a tarot card or going for a walk in nature is enough to create a sense of mind, body and spirit connectedness.

By engaging in a combination of these daily practices, and taking a trip to our Holistic Health Fairs, you are intentionally making time to connect with yourself and others who can support you. You may even feel more at peace with life in this crazy world!


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