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Crystal Therapy- What it is and What it Offers

Crystals have been a mainstay for many cultures for centuries. They are said to offer a variety of mental, spiritual, and physical benefits depending on which type of stone you use.

woman holding crystal in front of body after buying at Holistic Health Fair

Crystals may help you reduce stress and create a more tranquil environment in your home and mind. Proponents of crystal therapy suggest displaying them on a shelf in a frequently visited room, wearing them as a wristband, placing them under your pillow while you sleep, soaking next to them during your bath, or any combination of these uses.

Regardless of how you choose to use them, simply having crystals around can offer a wealth of energetic benefits and can be employed for a variety of purposes. Grab some crystals at our next event.

How do crystals work?

Crystals serve as an energy reservoir, harnessing your negative energy like a magnet and replacing it with positive energy via their own unique frequencies and vibrations. The vibrations of crystals align with the same vibrational frequency as humans and allow energies to flow between us and the stones. They are said to receive their positive energies from the sun, moon, and oceans (and therefore require periodic cleansing from moonlight to restore their energy levels to their natural state and ensure they continue to work for you).

Crystals can also be used in conjunction with other alternative practices such as Reiki healing and chakra assessments. For instance, if your chakra assessment shows blocked energy flow in any of your chakras, specific crystals can be used to facilitate your healing and help regain your proper energy flow.

During a crystal therapy session or a chakra clearing session, your therapist may position different colored stones along the front or back of your body. The color used for that part of your body would be linked to that chakra. The frequency of the stone's color might either activate or subdue (depending on your situation) a blocked chakra.

woman placing crystals along spine of another

What are the benefits of using crystals?

The benefits of using crystals are as numerous as the stars in the sky. They can help those struggling with grief, anxiety, depression, and irritability. They can help simultaneously ground you and soothe you. They can give you energy and restore your body back to its natural state of homeostasis. They can purify any negative emotions or feelings you may be struggling with and cleanse you of unseen toxins.

While some believe crystals have no therapeutic value - seeking scientific proof as their only means of validation - others acknowledge the sensations they feel while using or surrounded by crystals, giving them all the validation they need.

variety of crystals on table with palo santo and sage

Which crystals are best for beginners?

Delving into the world of crystals can be an overwhelming experience. We’ve compiled a list of the best crystals for beginners and what they can be used for to help you delve into this new and exciting world. When you're ready to purchase some crystals to get started with or to build out your collection even further, stop by our next Holistic Health Fair. We always have a variety of crystal vendors selling the most amazing assortment of crystals.


selenite crystal tower on table at holistic health fair

This purity crystal is great for beginners. You don’t have to worry about recharging this one and it’s an easy “all-purpose” crystal that can benefit anyone. It helps to soothe, cleanse, purify, and release negative energy. Some enjoy the selenite "wands" to sweep along their body cutting energetic cords that may be no longer of use. Some enjoy selenite charging plates to charge and purify their other crystals on.


amethyst crystal on table at holistic living expo

Another extremely popular stone is amethyst. It promotes sleep and relaxation and helps with feelings of grief and loss. Try using this stone under your pillow or close to you while you sleep to benefit from it's calming properties.

Rose Quartz

bowl of rose quartz available for purchase at holistic lifestyle event

This stone is known as the “The Stone of Unconditional Love”. You can use it to improve your existing relationships or to perhaps bring a new love interest into the picture. Wear this one around your neck near your heart or display in the bedroom for best results.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline crystals on display at holistic health fair

This stone is primarily used for protection and to build our strength in boundaries. Ideally worn on the body in jewelry, kept inside a pocket, or even placed in a bra, black tourmaline assists in fortifying your energetic "walls" to protect you from the energies of others. Whether good or bad, other people's energies can drain us of our own energy; wearing black tourmaline can help.

Whichever stone you use, you can immediately start reaping the benefits that crystals have to offer. Using crystal therapy as a gentle form of self care is an excellent way to promote a more relaxed, positive demeanor and an energetically-enhanced lifestyle.

Grab your next favorite crystal at one of our upcoming holistic living events.


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